Building Automation Systems

Controlling the heating and cooling of buildings is at the core of what we do and conserving energy while maintaining comfort is our expertise. Siemens building automation systems (BAS) can be looked at as the utility brain of a building.  The BAS is a collection of controllers and field devices that work hand in hand to maintain the building’s temperature, pressure, humidity and lighting levels all at specified setpoint.  The BAS will precisely control the HVAC and electrical equipment to ensure that only the required amount of energy is consumed to meet the setpoints thereby reducing energy. The BAS is also the owner’s interface to these controls via a graphical interface that is accessible from local or remote along with providing building schedules, alarms and trends.

They have very dedicated, knowledgeable and professional technicians who delivered a well set up and controlled building for us to live in comfortably day in and out. A project like this takes a lot of expertise and commitment to get it right and the staff at ECD came through from start to finish! I highly recommend ECD for your control needs!
Jeff Schweitzer - Community First Credit Union