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Training classes

Customer training consists of a combination of on-site field training and structured courses taught by Siemens certified instructors. Nine levels of training classes are taught at the Siemens Building Technologies Training Center in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. These are hands-on courses using the DDC programs and HVAC simulators:

5-615-APOGEE Field Panel and FLN Operations (4 days).

5-618-LonWorks Communications for APOGEE Field Panel and FLN Operations (3 days).

5-520-APOGEE Workstation Operations (4 days)*.

5-625-APOGEE Advanced Operations (4 days).

5-630-APOGEE PPCL Programming (4 days).

5-635-APOGEE Programming for Efficient Building Operations (4 days).

5-645-APOGEE Programming for Energy Management (4 days).

5-655-InfoCenter Suite with Utility Cost Manager (3 days).

5-700-Principles of Troubleshooting (3 days).

More information on each of these classes is located at this link:
Click here

NOTE : As a convenience to NE Wisconsin customers, the first level 5-620 DDC course is taught at the EC&D office in Appleton, Wisconsin, every year in the spring and fall. These classes use the same simulators and instructors as the Buffalo Grove classes. Classes last four days (32 hours).

To enroll in any of these classes, e-mail or call Bill Beachkofski at 920-739-6885


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