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Mechanical Equipment Preventive Maintenance Agreements

“It is estimated that a repair job done on an emergency basis requires three times more manpower, time and money than a scheduled repair.” Dun’s Review, “The High Cost of Bad Maintenance”

In order to reduce overall operating costs, periodic preventive maintenance is required for most HVAC mechanical equipment. The primary benefits are as follow:
  • Protect equipment investment and extend the life of HVAC equipment.
  • Lower operation energy costs.
  • Reduce the chance of unexpected breakdowns.

If in-house maintenance staff are not fully capable or are under-staffed, EC&D can “bridge the gaps” between what exists and what is needed to properly maintain the equipment.

Labor Support
Labor support contracts encompass a predetermined number of support hours and a reduced labor support rate. This option is designed for clients capable of maintaining their own system. Our service technicians will support your in-house staff when their capabilities or resources have been exceeded.

Customized Agreements
Based on your budget constraints and in-house resources, we will tailor any combination of full service, labor support, or other options that you choose.

For more information on service agreements, e-mail sales department.

Mechanical Maintenance Capabilities:

Pneumatic and digital controls.



Chillers and condensing units.

Fans and exhaust systems.


Variable Frequency drives.



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