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Service and Retrofit Department

Energy Control & Design, Inc., has trained, experienced and certified HVAC technicians.
EC&Dís service technicians have on average 25 years experience each!

Moreover, all technicians are cross-trained at both control systems and HVAC mechanical equipment. Few companies have such broad knowledge and depth of experience.
Mechanical Service and Retrofit Capabilities:

Pneumatic and digital controls.

Air compressors.



Chillers and condensing units.

Roof-top units.

Fans and exhaust systems.


Variable Frequency drives.

Eddy current analysis.

Technical Services - HVAC Mechanical Services:
Improve building performance by managing maintenance costs and downtime of chillers, boilers, and air handling units.

Energy Control & Design performs inspections, tests, preventive maintenance as well as repairs on all HVAC mechanical equipment. In addition, we also combine predictive and proactive maintenance to diagnose equipment problems, forecast the best time to correct the problem as well as to address and fix the root causes of the problem.

Because of the risk and cost associated with downtime, it's important that the most advanced service technology and expertise is utilized to keep the equipment up and running. Energy Control & Design, Inc. can customize a preventive maintenance service strategy based on your individual needs.

Chiller services include the following:

  • Eddy Current Test: Provides a report on the condition of the condenser and evaporator tubes. Any refrigerant or water leaks in the system can be caught at an earlier stage, allowing for smaller repairs now vs. major repairs later on.
  • Oil Analysis: An oil analysis indicates if there is any wear or breakdowns of an internal component. Helps prevent breakdowns and indicates when a teardown and inspection of a system is needed. This analysis also eliminates any unneeded oil changes.
  • Refrigerant Analysis: Provides indicators of possible internal contamination, system leaks and purity of refrigerant for potential failures and can determine how the purge unit is working.
  • Vibration Analysis: Vibration produced by rotating components in a machine is measured and analyzed to determine the condition of those components and associated bearings. Vibration analysis can help determine the condition of bearings, gears, rolling element bearings, shafts and impellers. Used in conjunction with other predictive technologies, this can be a very effective tool for diagnosing machine condition.
  • Motor Current Analysis: The line current signal going directly to the motor is analyzed to determine the condition of the rotor bars in the motor. Motor current analysis can detect high resistance joints, cracked or broken rotor bars and end rings.

Boiler services include the following:

  • Flue Gas Combustion Analysis: Measures burner efficiency and evaluates whether the boiler is making carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, etc. Also evaluates the soot that can decrease the heat transfer capabilities of the boiler and affect its efficiency.
  • Water Treatment: Increases the life of the boiler and increases efficiency.

For more information on HVAC service and retrofits, e-mail or call our service or sales department.




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