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Critical Environments

Laboratory ventilation and containment systems need to be inspected and maintained for safety and accuracy. Moreover, some facilities are regulated and need to document compliance.

With Compliance Services, we help you achieve and maintain adherence to a variety of regulatory organizations based on your needs. You will be offered a systematic process to evaluate and optimize your facility through the following options:
  • Laboratory Ventilation Assessment Survey.
  • Animal Facility Assessment Survey.
  • Chemical Fume Hood ASHRAE 110 Test.
  • Chemical Fume Hood SEFA-1 Test.
  • Chemical Fume Hood Face Velocity Test.
  • Re-entrainment Testing.
  • Room Pressurization.
  • Calibration.
  • Bio-safety Cabinet Certification.

The assessment, testing and reporting structure found in Compliance Services successfully positions you for safe, dependable facility operations:

  • Meet regulatory & consensus standards while avoiding regulatory
  • Protect personnel.
  • Uncover potential operational cost savings.
  • Ensure integrity of scientific methods.
  • Improve ventilation system efficiency and reliability.

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